Chances are, you have all heard by now that Aaron Rogers of the Greenbay Packers fractured his clavicle on Monday night when Shea McClellin tackled him from behind.

While this is a relatively common sports injury, particularly prevalent in football, rugby, wrestling, and mountain biking, it does not make it any less devastating to the recipient.

Although Rogers is optimistic about his recovery time, he understands this is a significant injury and unfortunately has not yet been given a timetable in which he will heal properly. Getting the proper care for the injury as quickly as possible is vital in having the smoothest recovery.

It is somewhat humbling to note that Aaron Rogers is not just a professional football quarterback. He is a regular person that wound up with a shoulder injury by playing a sport that he enjoys.

Those of us that also play the sports we love are taking the same risks every time we play. We could very well be dealing our own broken clavicle, ac joint separation, or shoulder injury at some point (hopefully not – knock on wood), but we need a game plan for the if and when that were to happen, starting with hiring the best Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dr. Struhl is amazing at what he does, and if he is good enough for high profile athletes (he is), then he is good enough for us regular folk! Here is hoping that Aaron Roger’s gets the very best care out there, and a super smooth recovery.

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD