If you have endured an AC joint separation, Dr. Steven Struhl and our medical team offer effective treatment for your shoulder condition. Our clinic in NYC specializes in treating all levels of AC joint separation injuries, providing a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan based on your injury. To assist you in finding the right medical care, we have compiled patient information for those with an AC joint injury.

Dr. Steve Struhl is a board certified orthopedic and sports medicine/arthroscopic surgeon with over two decades of experience in treating severe orthopedic injuries. AC joint separation treatment and surgery is a specialty area for Dr. Struhl. He has completed clinical studies on the treatment of the AC joint, creating advanced techniques for repairing acute to chronic injuries. Dr. Struhl also has a patented technique he uses for AC joint separation treatment, making him one of the top AC joint specialists in the country.

AC Joint Patient Resources

If you have suffered an AC joint separation injury, Dr. Steven Struhl provides the most advanced options for treatment. We have information available online to help you research the treatment and patient resources available through our clinic in NYC. Visit the following pages to prepare for your visit and AC joint injury treatment with Dr. Steven Struhl:

After an AC joint separation injury, you may have many questions on what type of treatment is needed for recovery, including surgery and physical therapy options. Our team at Dr. Steven Struhl’s clinics in NYC and Westchester are here to answer any questions you have about AC joint separation treatment or to schedule a consultation. Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Struhl.