The complex structure of the shoulder joints involves three main bones, the clavicle, glenoid (scapula) and humerus. An impact to the shoulder can result in one or more of these bones sustaining a fracture, impacting arm and shoulder function. Dr. Steven Struhl is one of the most respected orthopedic surgeons and shoulder specialists in NYC and the country. Dr. Struhl offers advanced shoulder fractures treatment and surgery at his medical facilities in NYC and Westchester, NY.

Contact sports, auto accidents and falls are some of the top causes of shoulder fractures. A blow to the shoulder can create dislocations, ligament tears, fractures and labrum tears and often a combination of more than one injury. It is rare that only a bone fracture will occur, due to the configuration of soft tissues and bone in the shoulder. For shoulder fracture treatment, it is important to have a shoulder expert that can address all injuries to the joint while repairing the bone.

Broken Shoulder Injuries

A fall, landing on the shoulder or outstretched hand or the impact from a sports collision or car wreck, can cause a broken shoulder injury. Some shoulder fractures can be mended without surgery, only requiring immobilization and physical therapy for recovery. Severe or complex shoulder fractures may require surgical repairs. Dr. Struhl offers cutting-edge techniques and minimally-invasive surgical options for shoulder fracture treatment. To learn more about specific shoulder fracture treatments, visit the following pages on our website:

If you suffer a shoulder fracture, get the best orthopedic care available. Contact our clinic in NYC or Westchester, NY, to schedule an appointment with shoulder specialist and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Steven Struhl, for advanced shoulder fracture treatment. You can expect the highest level of care for your shoulder injury, utilizing the least invasive methods for faster recovery.