The labrum is a layer of cartilage that extends the size of the shoulder socket (glenoid) and is instrumental in cushioning the humerus (upper arm bone) and keeping the “socket” in place. This pad of cartilage can be torn or damaged during a shoulder injury or dislocation, which can lead to pain, catching, frequent dislocations and other shoulder joint issues. Dr. Steven Struhl is a top orthopedic surgeon and shoulder joint specialist who offers labrum tear treatment at his medical facilities in NYC and Westchester.

The labrum is susceptible to sudden, traumatic injury, as well as wear over time and brittleness with age. Aches, limited range of motion or pain associated with certain positions or activities may indicate this kind of injury. One particular type of labrum tear is often seen in connection with overhand movements, such as serving a tennis ball or pitching a baseball. Labrum tears can sometimes be treated non-surgically, but others may require arthroscopic or open surgery, depending on the severity of cartilage damage.

Surgical Labrum Repair

The type of surgical labrum repair needed depends on the amount of damage and the health of the cartilage in the shoulder joint. Some labrum tears can be sutured to the rim of the bone through arthroscopic surgery, only requiring a tiny incision. The ligaments and shoulder capsule can also be repaired and tightened to restore stability to the shoulder joint.

Some labrum repairs may require open surgery. The labrum may need to be removed and reattached with anchor sutures to the bone. Some patients could require grafting, using cartilage or labrum from other donor sites to replace damaged labrum in the shoulder joint.

If you have suffered an injury to the shoulder joint that resulted in a torn labrum, treatment is available to offer pain relief, improved stability and restored function. Contact the clinic of Dr. Steven Struhl in NYC or Westchester to schedule a consultation to discuss labrum tear treatment.