In May 2008 while cycling on the west side of Manhattan, Ash E. was struck by another cyclist that resulted in an ac joint separation. While in the ER, he was informed that he would need to have ac joint surgery to repair the damage to his shoulder separation and his protruding clavicle.

Ash began the search to find an AC Joint Specialist in NYC. The first doctor he met with seemed competent, however he did not seem empathetic or optimistic with a thorough outcome. He was also surprised that he would not be able to use his shoulder for 6 months. Ash felt that a second opinion was needed if he wanted to be able to regain the full and natural movement of his left shoulder.

After doing research and talking with friends and colleagues, Ash was intrigued by Dr. Steven Struhl’s modern and groundbreaking technique the Continuous Loop Double Endobutton to repair an ac joint separation. From what Ash read, this newer ac joint surgery procedure resulted in a more natural movement of the shoulder, quicker recovery, and a higher success rate compared to the other procedures he heard about. Ash decided to meet with Dr. Struhl in his NYC office as soon as possible.

Ash was impressed with Dr. Struhl’s staff even prior to meeting with him; from their professionalism, politeness, and how short the wait time was.

How long does AC joint surgery take to heal?

Ash was disappointed when the previous doctor told him that he would not be able to use his left shoulder for at least 6 months, and was interested to hear why Dr. Struhl’s technique to repair an ac joint separation recovery was quicker. During the thorough examination Dr. Struhl explained, “The process involves one small incision in the area of the clavicle. This small incision, minutely exposes the clavicle, but is large enough to allow microscopic drilling in order to attach the two small plates (endobuttons). These two small plates are then carefully connected by a closed continuous loop, which is truly knotless. Thereby eliminating the possibility of knot slippage or breakage, which traditionally has compromised surgical results. This allows for the damaged joint to have a more stable construct, leading to a reliable and consistent outcome”. Ash then stated, “My wife and I saved and planned for a vacation for a long time, and we are scheduled to go in 4 weeks. Can we still go on our vacation?”. Dr. Struhl was cautious, but told them that they can go under certain stipulations, and he had to continue with his physical therapy exercises even while on vacation. Ash decided to have Dr. Struhl perform the ac joint surgery at his earliest convenience.

“Sometimes I forgot what shoulder I had my ac joint surgery performed on. I have no limitations, I am as strong as ever, and my range of motion is the same as it was prior to the surgery”, exclaims Ash.

Ash had such a good experience with Dr. Struhl, that when his wife injured her knee he recommended for her to have Dr. Struhl take a look at it. “Unfortunately due to the medical model in the US, doctors are paid more to perform surgeries. It is sometimes hard to find a surgeon that you can trust, and where their first instinct is not to perform surgery. After Dr. Struhl’s thorough examination of his wife’s knee, he said that she only needed physical therapy. Dr. Struhl’s thorough evaluation allows him to make the right decision based on a patients status and unique needs.

“I highly recommend anyone who is looking for either an AC Joint Specialist or a Knee Specialist in New York to not hesitate, and contact Dr. Struhl due to his desire to find the latest techniques that results in the best outcomes”, explains Ash.

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD