Children are explorers by nature, and sometimes that sense of adventure leads to injuries. Every parent expects their child to sustain cuts and bruises, but the fear of a serious injury is always on their minds. When children suffer damage to a ligament or bone, it is vital to get the correct treatment.

Common Causes of AC Joint Separation in Children

Children live rough and tumble lives. Parents do what they can to protect them, but inevitably children will sometimes get hurt. AC joint separation is quite common in children due to their lack of coordination, their failure to see the possible dangers and their willingness to try new things. The most common causes of AC joint separation in children are:

  • Falls directly onto the shoulder
  • Being hit on the shoulder
  • Falling with a hand outstretched to break the fall
  • Sports injury
  • Lifting weight that is too heavy. This is seen frequently in adolescents who have begun weight training.

How to Recognize a Shoulder Injury

If the shoulder injury is not very severe, some children will continue playing and not complain of pain initially. Parents must watch for the following signs of injury:

  • Drooping shoulder
  • Pain to the shoulder area
  • Change in the shape of the shoulder
  • Bruising or swelling

Fortunately, most shoulder injuries are not very severe. The treatment involves icing the shoulder and immobilizing the arm in a sling. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help ease the pain. For more severe cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage. Dr. Struhl and his team are experienced in diagnosing the causes for shoulder pain and can suggest the proper treatment.

If your child has suffered a shoulder injury, it is important to have the injury evaluated as soon as possible. Contact Steven Struhl MD to schedule an exam. With successful treatment, your child can be back to normal quickly.

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