It’s a harsh reality, but when you suffer an AC shoulder injury, it can make using your arm impossible. There are multiple issues that may arise from this type of injury. The severity and location of the injury are both important considerations. 

Some sufferers may experience limited movement in the shoulder, where others will find that movement in the elbow, wrist, hands or a combination of all joints in the arm become limited. These restrictions can have serious life implications. Until you lose function in your arm, it is hard to imagine how much you take your natural mechanics for granted.

AC Shoulder Injury Treatment

The only way to restore maximum function in upper extremities resulting from an AC shoulder injury is through treatment. It is important that you consult with a specialist who understands the impact of these injuries. Your healing and rehabilitation hinges on receiving an individualized treatment plan that takes all your challenges into account.

The shoulder is arguably the most important upper extremity joint. Technically, there are three elements to the shoulder joint. Injuries can therefore potentially affect movement, position of the joint, pain and discomfort levels. The good news is that there are minimally-invasive treatments available to repair damage and restore mobility.

Specialist Shoulder Surgeon

Although AC injuries are common, especially among athletes, the shoulder joint is vulnerable to multiple injuries that can affect movement. A specialist surgeon can isolate the specific injuries you are dealing with and provide effective treatment options. Healing and rehabilitation are faster and lead to better permanent outcomes when you work with a specialist orthopedic surgeon.

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Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD