As with many fractures, a break in the shoulder may not present with significantly severe symptoms. This can result in sufferers failing to seek early intervention, which may result to further damage to the joint. If you have persistent pain or mobility issues with any joint, seeking a medical diagnosis is recommended.

Shoulder Injuries

It is incredibly rare for a joint fracture to occur without a contributing injury. If you have fallen during a sporting activity or from a height, landing on the shoulder can cause a break. A work or vehicle accident can also result in a fractured shoulder.

Pain and lack of mobility are two major signs that you may have suffered damage to the shoulder joint or supporting tissues. If rotating or moving the shoulder up and down is difficult, Dr. Steve Struhl can help. At his New York clinic, you will receive expert diagnosis and treatment options.

Inflammation is another sign that you may have heavily injured or possibly fractured your shoulder. As a ball-and-socket joint, the shoulder is considerably complex. It is possible to break one or more of the three bones that make up the shoulder – humerus, scapula or clavicle.

Shoulder Abnormalities

The human body is an amazing combination of systems and mechanical components. It is not unusual for sufferers of serious injury to experience minimal pain or discomfort. However, a deformity of the shoulder will give you all the evidence you need that something is amiss.

Your shoulder may rest in a way that makes the joint appear out of alignment. In the case of dislocation or serious fractures, the joint can appear to protrude. It is important to seek advice from a specialist if you are experiencing these symptoms – even if pain is minimal.

Shoulder Fracture Consultation, NY

Connect with Dr. Steve Struhl if you are suffering from symptoms of a potentially fractured shoulder. You will receive the best treatment in New York, including robotically guided surgery if necessary to repair a shoulder fracture.

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