An AC shoulder separation is different from a shoulder dislocation. Rather than the ball of the shoulder separating from the socket, AC shoulder separation refers to damage to the ligaments of the acromioclavicular joint. This joint is located at the end point of the collarbone and the shoulder blade.

Treatment options for an AC shoulder separation will depend on the severity of the injury. There are six types of AC separation, ranging from a minor sprain to complete separation of the ligament from the joint. How soon you can return to the field hinges on which type of injury you have suffered and the level of treatment received.

AC Separation Treatment

Types 1-3 are often treated without surgery. Your orthopedic specialist will provide a diagnosis and create a rehabilitation plan tailored to your individual needs and those of the sport. The type of sport that you play and your specific position or discipline will impact your recommended recovery times.

If you have suffered an AC separation that falls within types 4-6, surgical repair is the most likely outcome. There are several possible approaches to treatment. The methodologies and procedures used will determine how quickly you can return to sports, if at all.

Breakthrough AC Joint Repair

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