If you are experiencing pain and inflammation in your shoulder, you may have loose bodies. Small pieces of bone or cartilage can get into the joint space. In many cases, surgical removal is necessary to resolve symptoms and prevent further damage.

Rotator cuff repair is a common surgical solution to fix damage and tears. These issues can arise from injury, overuse or degenerative illnesses. You may experience loose bodies in combination with other rotator cuff concerns. Dr. Steve Struhl is a specialist in surgeries designed to improve shoulder joint health.

Loose Body Removal

Allowing loose bodies to float around inside the joint is not recommended. Sharp pieces of bone can cause damage to ligaments and muscles. There is also a risk of rubbing against the bones in the joint, which will cause wear and tear.

You can consult with Dr. Steve Struhl, a joint separation specialist in NYC. As a board-certified surgeon in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, Dr. Struhl also offers treatment suitable for athletes in all disciplines.

Rotator Cuff Repairs

The shoulder blade is attached to the upper arm bone by a group of muscles and tendons known as the rotator cuff. Due to the range of movement the shoulder can achieve, rotator cuff injuries are a common.

Tears and damage may heal without intervention. However, you should seek immediate medical attention if the joint is deformed, completely immobile or you are experiencing extreme pain and inflammation. These symptoms may point toward significant trauma or damage.

Shoulder Repair Consultation, NYC

Dr. Steve Struhl encourages you to attend a consultation if you have injured your shoulder. Symptoms of rotator cuff issues can come on suddenly or develop over time. You may feel pain in the joint or observe inflammation. Inability to move the affected limb is also a sign of a potentially serious issue.

Do not suffer in silence – help is available. A consultation with Dr. Struhl will lead to accurate diagnosis and treatment for your shoulder injury or condition. Call our New York City offices today to arrange an appointment that suits your schedule.

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