Due to its high impact nature, football carries risks for injuries, especially to the shoulders. Protective equipment may not be enough to help keep you safe. Here are the four most common types of shoulder injuries that occur while playing football and how you can prevent them.

Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injuries

Your rotator cuff plays an essential role in football with throwing and passing the ball long distances. You can help prevent rotator cuff shoulder injuries through strength and conditioning exercises. Building up the muscles around your joints can help provide cushioning to prevent tendons from straining during movement.

Shoulder Tendonitis

Shoulder tendonitis can occur from excessive use like throwing the ball during football. The tendons in your shoulder can become inflamed when you rotate them. Make sure to warm up your shoulders before every football practice and game. Your shoulder pads should also be fitted correctly to avoid shoulder injuries.

SLAP Tears

Superior labrum anterior-posterior (SLAP) tears are a common occurrence in sports. You can prevent them by warming up before play and participating in strength and conditioning exercises. Make sure to keep yourself in shape all year long through regular exercise. You may also want to learn the proper way to fall to prevent accidental trauma.

Internal Impingement

Internal impingement is caused when your rotator cuff becomes pinched at the back of the shoulder from excessive overhead motions. This can cause reduced function as well as discomfort and pain. You can prevent this from happening by practicing proper form and following instructions from your coach.

Professional Shoulder Injury Treatment

Even with your best efforts, shoulder injuries can still occur while playing football. If you have suffered a shoulder injury from playing football, schedule a consultation with board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Struhl. During your appointment, Dr. Struhl can examine your shoulder and recommend a customized treatment plan. Stay in the game by booking a consultation today!

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD