Nice, France Shoulder Course Presentation on Closed-Loop Double Endobutton Reconstruction for Acromicoclavicular Joint Separation

Dr. Steven Struhl was asked to speak at the international Nice Shoulder Course as an ac joint separation specialist, and to share his ground breaking Closed-Loop Double Endobutton reconstruction for an ac joint separation.

Some of the key points that Dr. Struhl stressed where:

  • There are 60,000 new cases a year of grade 3, 4, or 5 ac joint separations
  • Consequences of nonoperative treatment (40-45% residual symptoms) are cosmetic defect, pain, clicking, and weakness
  • Advantage of early intervention is that no graft is needed, it will be a repair and not reconstruction, and better results
  • Traditional techniques failure rate is 10-30%
  • Anatomic Tendon Grafts is better, but complications still high with fractures 6% of the time, slippage 24%, and complication rate 39% of the time.
  • Suture Buttons have similar issues due to loss of reduction 27% of the time and fractures 5% of the time.
  • AC Joint Separation is a 3 dimensional problem and a 2 dimensional x-ray is not enough. The scapula pulls away from the clavicle in 3 planes (inferiorly, anteriorly, and medially). Therefore the scapula is the moving part and not the clavicle. The scapula motion is complex and a proper repair requires a multiaxial fixation.
  • His Closed Loop Double Endobutton technique is a multiaxial fixation and a better solution to repair an ac joint separation. This technique was published in 2007 and patented in 2012.
  • The continuous loop eliminates knot slippage or breakage, adds additional stability, fixation close to anatomic positions, tightens the ac capsule, and preserves the distal clavicle.
  • Proven better results with a published study spanning 5 years and comprehensive evaluation on 31 of 35 patients.

You can watch the video of Dr. Steven Struhl’s entire speech he gave at the Nice Shoulder Course Event by clicking Closed-Loop Double Endobutton Reconstruction for Acromicoclavicular Joint Separation.

Orthopedic surgeons from all over the world attended the sold out event in Nice, France, and Dr. Struhl was honored to have been selected as one of the speakers specializing in Acromicoclavicular Joint Separation.

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD