A job plays an important role in helping you provide for your family. When an injury prevents you from being able to complete your duties, it could put you in financial jeopardy. Unfortunately, some workers are more susceptible to job-related maladies than others.

AC Joint separation is the type of injury that can end a career. When you no longer have the ability to effectively use one or both arms, performing your duties may prove challenging or impossible. This is a life-changing juncture that you should not ignore.

Heavy Lifting

Needless to say, if you work in an industry that involves heavy lifting, there is a higher-than-average chance of suffering injuries. Although the knees and back are most vulnerable in this respect, AC separations are not uncommon.

Using your arms to lift heavy items is not recommended. Lifting from the knees is the recommended technique, but there are times when asking for assistance or using machinery are better approaches. These issues should be addressed with your employer and are often subject to industry, state and federal rules.

Athletics Sports

If you participate in sports or athletics, AC injuries are more likely to occur. Form, warm-ups, diet and specialist training are some of the ways to avoid these injuries. As a competitor, it is also important not to ignore the signs of a shoulder injury.

Seek consultation with a specialist surgeon in New York City if you are experiencing mobility issues, pain and swelling or numbness around the shoulder joint. These symptoms are typical of injuries including AC separation.

Combat Sports

Given the nature of combat sports, injuries are almost unavoidable. Every part of the body is subject to excessive forces – both internally and externally. Boxers and mixed martial artists use limbs extensively during combat. The shoulder joints suffer increased or accelerated wear-and-tear, or may suffer injury as a direct result of an offensive attack.

Those who are active in combat sports can also suffer AC joint injuries during training and sparring. Going into a ring or octagon with a serious injury can be career ending. The desire to compete should never override concerns about long-term health.

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