Whether engaging directly in sporting activity or during a normal, active lifestyle, anyone can experience injury to the shoulder as the result of an accident or fall. Despite the extreme pain and discomfort that can be associated with such an injury, it can be tempting to favor home remedies, such as applying an ice pack or wearing a sling, because seeking medical intervention can be associated with painful surgeries, awkward and uncomfortable casts or braces and long periods of rehabilitation.

However, the long-term detrimental effects of such a shoulder injury cannot be ignored. While it might be assumed that an injury resulting in AC joint separation would be immediately apparent due to the obvious separation of the scapula and clavicle, relatively minor trauma can occur that may result in little or no deformity. This trauma, although not as visible, can still be extremely painful. This may result in traumatically induced arthritis if left untreated, leading to chronic pain that could require invasive surgical treatment at a later date.

Treating the Patient, Not the Problem

At his practices based in New York and Westchester, Dr. Steven Struhl understands that the uncertainty of seeking treatment for any injury can be the first hurdle to rehabilitation. He employs a philosophy of treating the person, not just the injury. Contacting his practices will put you directly in touch with his friendly and helpful staff to ensure an appointment and any further treatment can be promptly arranged. He has developed his treatments from the most recent advancements in orthopedic care to minimize the reliance on invasive surgical intervention by establishing an early tissue-specific diagnosis.

Do not allow the stress of seeking treatment to cause you to live with undue pain or the risk of potential future complications when one call to Dr. Struhl’s practices can begin your journey to rehabilitation.

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD