Are you having trouble shaking off the pain, discomfort and instability from a shoulder injury? Skiing is often considered an extreme sport, so accidents can happen. If you have taken a tumble on the slopes, the shoulder can suffer trauma due to high-speed impact with solid surfaces.

In many cases, the signs of a shoulder fracture are not immediately evident. As one of the most complex joints, the shoulder can suffer fractures in several areas. Symptoms may not present for days, weeks or sometimes months. When pain and other symptoms are persistent or progressive, seeking consultation with a shoulder specialist is recommended.

Non-Surgical Shoulder Repair

Shoulder injuries are as complex as the joint itself. Stabilizing the shoulder is often enough for the joint to heal without surgical intervention. This method involves immobilization and physical therapy to manipulate the joint into its correct position, build strength and restore function.

Non-surgical treatment is the preferred approach for minor shoulder injuries. Dr. Steve Struhl can provide diagnosis at his AC Joint Separation offices in New York or Westchester. Once diagnosis is confirmed, Dr. Struhl will create a treatment plan for effective relief from pain, discomfort and instability in the shoulder.

Surgical Shoulder Repair

More complex shoulder injuries, separation and breaks may require surgical repair. Dr. Struhl specializes in AC Separation Repair for a range of issues. His techniques are designed to restore the greatest level of function possible. Most patients are able to return to sporting pursuits after a recommended healing and recovery period.

If you are currently experiencing persistent shoulder pain or any of the other symptoms associated with a fracture in the joint, do not delay seeking treatment. Early interventions in treating injuries of the shoulder joint generally have better outcomes.

Call the offices of Dr. Steve Struhl if you are concerned about the seriousness of a skiing injury. We can book a consultation for you today.

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD