On a gorgeous summer day, Lisa M. was running in her favorite park when she tripped from a hidden hole in the grass and fell on her right shoulder. Due to the impact and the rocky terrain, she sustained an AC Joint Separation in her right shoulder, broke her collarbone, and suffered stress fractures in her ribs. In the ER that night, x-rays were taken and she was told to go home and wait 3 weeks for the swelling to go down prior to seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon at Yale.

“Leave it alone and live with it.”

When she saw the Orthopedic “Specialist” at Yale, his recommendation was, “Leave it alone and live with it. It is just a slight deformity.” Lisa explained that she was suffering from shoulder pain and could not even sleep on her right side. He said, “The other option is for surgery and we are not sure if it will make your shoulder better. You will be in more pain, and it could take up to a year before you could use that shoulder. Just go to physical therapy”. Lisa decided that she would try physical therapy as per that doctor’s recommendation, and his lack of confidence in a successful outcome from ac joint surgery.

After diligently going to physical therapy for over 6 months, Lisa was still experiencing shoulder pain and was unable to move her shoulder properly. She decided to go and get a 2nd opinion by another “Specialist” in CT, who was recommended by her physical therapist.

The 2nd Shoulder “Specialist” also did not recommend surgery and said “surgery will have little to no result in the long term to help with your ac joint separation. Also, you will not be able to move your shoulder for a year and you will be in more pain. You should just wait and leave it alone.”

The “Specialist” then proceeded to tell Lisa, “You are too old to live an active life.” Lisa was in shock and responded, “What!?! What!?! I am 54 and not 84! I want to stay active and do the things I love like swimming, exercising, running, skiing, hiking, and doing cartwheels with my granddaughter. I want to have a happy healthy life.”

After hearing from two different “Specialists” that the surgery was not going to be successful, she was about to give up and succumb to living with the pain in her shoulder.

Lisa shared, “At the end of everyday I was in considerable pain and some days it was worse than others. I tried everything from ice packs, heating pads, a back massager, and over the counter medication. Nothing seemed to provide relief. Over time I ended up gaining about 50 lbs, since I was unable to workout due to the excruciating shoulder pain. I could not believe this has happened to me. I am an extremely active person and taught my kids how to ski, bike, swim, and play a variety of sports.”

Expert in AC Joint Separations Who Could Help

Lisa’s husband was tired of seeing her in pain and suffering over

AC Joint Surgery Before and After
Before & After-AC Joint Surgery Success

the past year. While researching the Internet for a solution, he found Dr. Steven Struhl’s website and his breakthrough Continuous Loop Double Endobutton procedure to repair an AC Joint Separation. As he read more, he learned that Dr. Struhl’s ac joint surgery success rate was backed by factual evidence and an in-depth 11-year clinical study. He said to her, “I think that I found someone who could help you with your ac joint pain.” They immediately decided to at least meet with Dr. Struhl.

When they meet Dr. Struhl for the first time Lisa and her husband instantly felt that it was worth the drive. Following his thorough examination, he began to explain the procedure with confidence and in a manner that made sense. She appreciated his “no-nonsense” approach and his candor. “Unfortunately the best solution would have been to operate the night of the initial shoulder injury.”, explained Dr. Struhl. However he reassured her that his Continuous Loop Double Endobutton procedure to repair an AC Joint Separation would have a better outcome with a quicker recovery, and result in a natural movement of her shoulder again.

After the appointment on the drive home, Lisa shared with her husband that Dr. Struhl’s modern AC Joint Separation procedure sounded promising, especially with his proven success rate. “I knew he knew what he was talking about and he could help me”, shared Lisa. They decided that day to move forward with the ac joint surgery.

The ac joint surgery was performed last February and it was successful. She was surprised that the pain was minimal as Dr. Struhl explained, compared to the “horror stories the other doctors told me”.

3 months after the surgery, Dr. Struhl told her to take the sling off and to start using her shoulder slowly. “Just by using your shoulder slowly and naturally it will get stronger. ”, explained Dr. Struhl.  “He was right and every week my shoulder got stronger and stronger.”, Lisa shared.

I can move it like nothing ever happened to it

5 months after the surgery, Lisa shared, “I do not think about my shoulder and it is just about the same as it was before. I can garden and exercise without pain.”

“I feel that Dr. Struhl’s breakthrough ac joint separation procedure is a miracle cure. I call him my Superman. A Super Surgeon with a clear picture due to his proven ac joint surgery results, especially when other “specialists” couldn’t do it. He was extremely candid and truthful with what to expect, and it happened just like he explained. He gave me a second chance to enjoy the things that bring me happiness by giving me my shoulder back…like Zumba. Also, the scar healed beautifully so I can actually put on a swimsuit.”

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD