Dr. Steven Struhl is a top orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder joint repairs. During his decades of treating severe shoulder joint injuries, he has developed a breakthrough procedure for repairing AC joint separation. Top professional athletes and patients from all walks of life have benefited from his patented AC joint separation surgical technique, available through his orthopedic clinics in New York City and Westchester, NY.

GROUND BREAKING AC Joint Separation surgery technique by Dr. Steven Struhl

Before Dr. Struhl’s breakthrough AC joint surgery, there was limited success in repairing severe AC joint separation through surgery. Repairing the ligaments and reattaching the scapula and clavicle through surgery had limited success. Dr. Struhl recognized the need for an improved procedure. He was a part of a clinical study using a new technique to surgically repair severe or type lll AC joint separation at the New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases. The study resulted in finding excellent results for the majority of patients who participated.

AC Joint Surgery Original Technique

Original Technique using a true two button continuous loop

Patented Surgical Technique for AC Joint Repair

The double endobutton technique for the repair of complete acromioclavicular joint dislocation is the breakthrough AC joint surgery Dr. Struhl used in his clinical trial. He has also been awarded a patent for the technique. To learn more about the clinical study, patent and medical articles related to this effective technique, more information is available on the following links:

Dr. Struhl has made a significant contribution to repairing AC joint separation injuries, restoring the function, form and health of the shoulder joint. Not only is the technique effective, but Dr. Struhl also uses smaller incisions and specialized closure of the surgical site. This results in a smaller scar and quicker recovery for his patients.

If you have sustained a severe AC joint separation injury, Dr. Steven Struhl is one of the top orthopedic surgeons and shoulder specialists that repairs AC joints in the country. To schedule an exam and evaluation, contact us at our NYC or Westchester clinics.