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AC Joint Reconstruction

Patient Testimonials – Steven Struhl MD

The River Road route next to the Hudson River (just under the George Washington Bridge) is a popular ride for cyclists seeking a hill climbing workout near New York City.

Peter C. is an avid cyclist and one day while riding the River Road route he suffered a horrific accident that resulted in a grade 3 shoulder separation and broken ribs.

“In early August 2013, I had a freak and horrible bicycle accident that left me with a number of serious injuries including an AC joint separation type 3. And that at the age of 67 plus.

I spent three days in the intensive care unit out of a week in the hospital, and seven weeks in a rehab center.

After six months I recovered completely, except of course, my separated shoulder. I got a 100% rotational movement of my arm, had good strength and could use my arm as before. However, I could not do upper- body strength workouts like before, and at about 2 1/2 hours into a ride I would begin feeling fatigue on the side of the injured shoulder. In addition, I could not pull up on the handlebars on uphills while out of the saddle like before. While running I would feel a lack of support in my shoulder when I would pick up the pace.

When the accident happened I was devastated. I was in great shape, and as always, healthy. I would give anything to get my physical integrity back and that’s what I wanted. I wanted a surgery from the beginning, but my shoulder doctor at the time of the accident did not want to operate. He kept telling me that I could have the operation later and that it would be the same, but I was questioning that. The wound and the ligaments were fresh at the time of the accident and could be utilized in the reconstruction of the shoulder providing live support again. At the time, I was bed ridden for two months and was trying to recover from my other injuries, which included a fractured pelvis, six broken ribs, and a pneumothorax all on the same side. I kept thanking God it wasn’t worse. I was lucky. When I was discharged by my shoulder doctor, I was told he wasn’t going to operate on me.

In October 2014, I discovered Dr. Steven Struhl on the Internet. I knew immediately that he was the doctor I wanted, the doctor I could trust to be operated on. It was important to me that I had no doubt. I called and made an appointment, went to see him, and I was booked for surgery one week later. I was happy and excited, and could not wait for the time of the operation. I was happy because only by an operation could my ac joint separation be repaired.

Dr. Struhl did a fantastic job and I feel as good as new. I now have my physical integrity back again, which I was shocked to lose and was longing to get back. Thank you, Dr. Struhl, I was sure you would do it, and many thanks to Shauna and your warm and welcoming staff.

I feel good and whole again. I don’t have any issues and I’m enjoying my bike and running again.”

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– Peter C.
Type 3 AC Joint Separation

Gimbels Ride is Westchester’s premier and longest running race pace group for cyclists in the Northeast. The Gimbels Ride has been around for 50-60 years for very competitive riders and has been featured in Bicycle Magazine. During the Summer time you could expect to see over 65 riders.

For Mike D. a competitive cyclist who competed in triathlons and biathlons, the Gimbels Ride was the perfect competitive race group to hone his skills until a rider in his pack ran into him and he suffered a grade 4 AC Joint Separation.

Mike D. went to 4-5 different “shoulder specialist” orthopedic surgeons in Westchester County, and he was disappointed with the recommendations like, “Leave it alone…fix it down the road…wait and see” “It was painful and I could not see living like that”, explained Mike D.

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– Mike D.
Type 4 AC Joint Separation

As far as sports injuries go, snowboarding is capable of inflicting some of the most painful injuries. Jason B. can attest to that fact after he sustained a Stage 5 Shoulder Separation while he was recently snowboarding in Vermont.

Jason injured his shoulder when he caught an edge on his snowboard (catching an edge is when a snowboarder is tripped up by the leading edge of their snowboard getting caught in the snow) and he had no time to even get his hands out to protect him. To make matters worse, the local doctors he went to see recommended against surgery for his shoulder injury, with no positive prognosis in sight.

Since Jason was not terribly keen about the prospect of permanently limiting his shoulders range of motion, having ongoing localized pain, painful clicking and popping, shoulder fatigue, and a lack of endurance, not to mention having an unnecessary permanent disfigurement, he did a web search to find a real solution.


AC Joint injured shoulder

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– Jason B.
AC Joint Shoulder Separation