An acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint, separation injury occurs in about 9% of shoulder injuries. When an impact hits the tip or top of the shoulder, it can push the scapula down and tear the ligaments in the AC joint. Treatments for AC joint separation injuries depend on the extent of damage to the joint and the rest of the shoulder components. Dr. Steven Struhl offers treatment and surgery for AC joint injuries at his clinics in NYC and Westchester. AC joint injury recovery time depends on the extent of the injury and type of treatment or surgery performed.

AC joint injuries can vary from minor to major. The grade of the injury will indicate how severely the ligaments are damaged, as grades 1 & 2 are minor and 3-5 are major. Minor AC joint injuries can recover much quicker without the need for extensive treatment. Major AC joint injuries should receive treatment or surgery, requiring extensive recovery and rehabilitation to recover full function.

Planning for AC Joint Recovery

Many AC joint injury patients are athletes, keeping them away from the sport they love. Recovery is essential to allow the injury to heal fully before attempting to return to full activity levels. Dr. Struhl offers innovative options for AC joint injury treatment, followed by a regimented recovery schedule to restore full function. Here are links on AC joint injury recovery time for different grades of injuries and treatments:

With the right treatment or surgery, many athletes and patients from all walks of life can have a full recovery from an AC joint separation injury. To learn more about AC joint injury treatment and recovery options, contact the orthopedic clinic of Dr. Steven Struhl in NYC or Westchester.