Acromioclavicular (AC) joint separation injuries vary in severity, from minor tears of supporting ligaments to complete ruptures. Treatment is based on the severity and separation of the AC joint. Dr. Steven Struhl is a top orthopedic surgeon and AC joint specialist, offering various levels of treatment for those with AC joint separation injuries at his clinics in NYC and Westchester, NY.

The decision on the type of treatment for AC joint separation is based on the type or grade level of the shoulder separation. Less severe (type 1 or 2) usually requires physical therapy, while more complex AC separations might require surgery, depending on the severity. Due to the complexity of properly diagnosing an AC joint separation level, an in-depth evaluation is highly recommended.

Surgical Decision Making

Deciding whether or not to have early surgery is usually a complex decision. For cases of a very severe deformity (type 4 and type 5 separations) and for extremely active patients, surgery is strongly recommended. In those less active or with only a type 3 separation, decision making needs to be individualized. It is difficult to predict ahead of time which patients will be satisfied without surgery and which won’t. An unsuccessful attempt at nonsurgical treatment does, however, result in the need for a more complex surgical procedure. Therefore, each patient will have to consider their needs and expectations carefully before deciding on what is best for them.

If you have an AC joint separation injury but you are not sure if surgery is right for you, visit the following pages about surgery and treatment options:

Every patient with an AC joint separation injury has unique circumstances. Dr. Steven Struhl offers various levels of AC joint treatment based on the needs of each patient. Contact us at Dr. Struhl’s clinic in NYC or Westchester to schedule an exam, diagnosis and evaluation to discuss the best treatment for your AC joint separation injury.