18 months after Peter C. had a breakthrough grade 3 AC joint separation surgery performed by Dr. Steven Struhl, Peter is once again enjoying the active lifestyle that he worked so hard his entire life for; even for someone who is 67 plus.

After he originally suffered his horrific cycling accident on the River Road, he did not know if he would ever be able to get back to the competitive state and caliber he trained for his whole life.  “When the accident happened I was devastated. I was in great shape, and as always, healthy. I would give anything to get my physical integrity back and that’s what I wanted”, shared Peter.

Once he read the 11-year study about Dr. Steven Struhl’s patented Continuous Loop Double endo-button procedure for a complete acromioclavicular joint separation as being the best ac joint separation surgical procedure with better long term results for improved range of motion and strength, he had the ac joint surgery.

Peter is now back on his bike riding averaging 25 miles per ride.  More importantly he is able to attack the hills like he did prior to the surgery, since he is able to pull up on his handlebars appropriately. “I’m also getting stronger”, explains Pete.  “I am also back to bench pressing and weight training.  Dr. Struhl did a fantastic job and I feel as good as new.  I don’t have any issues and I’m enjoying my bike and running again.”

To see if you could benefit from this ground breaking ac joint surgery procedure contact Dr. Steven Struhl at either his New York City or Westchester offices.

Posted on behalf of Steven Struhl MD