Grade 2 AC Joint Separation

A Grade 2 AC Joint Separation results from an incomplete tearing of the acomioclavciular and/or the coracoclavicular ligaments. The joint is incompletely dislocated; the medical term for this is “subluxed”. Comparing the injured side to the normal side one can see an asymmetry when examining the space between the clavicle and coracoid processs (coracoclavicular interval). If the increase in the interval is less than a 25% change then the injury is considered to be a grade 2 separation. As with a grade 1 injury the initial treatment is non-surgical. Although the resulting deformity is barely noticeable this change is permanent. However, in most cases local symptoms will resolve with physical therapy and rest. In some cases the permanent deformity of the joint will cause ongoing symptoms requiring surgical treatment, however.

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